Arachova - Parnassos

Arachova is a mountain village built at the foot of Mount Parnassos at an altitude of 950m. it belongs to the prefecture of Viotia and is about 160 km from Athens. Beautiful stone houses, narrow streets and springs all around are the first image the visitor sees. Arachova, despite its high tourist development, has preserved its traditional character, offering at the same time the amenities and activities that its visitors are looking for.

If you find yourself in Arachova during Easter, you will be given the opportunity to experience nearby the "Panigyraki", the three-day, double celebration for the patron of the city Agios Georgios and the Battle of Arachova (November 1826).

The worship of Agios Georgios in Arachova has started from a long time ago and is connected with many legends and traditions.
"Panigyraki" is a celebration that preserves unchanged the old customs of Greek festivals with ancient origins. Some of these customs are the dance of the elders, the lifting of the stone, stoning, shooting, wrestling, the uphill race of the elders, men and young people, the table in the forecourt of the church, the Rumeliot feast etc.

The settlement of Arachova combines grandeur with a wild landscape, a magnificent view, a healthy climate, peculiar house architecture, night life and winter sports. It is a winter destination that offers visitors, adventure, a variety of activities and at the same time peace and rest for those who want it.
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Ski & Snowboard
For winter sports lovers, H.K. Parnassos is the most popular and the most modern ski resort in Greece. Parnassos covers the needs of both beginners and advanced skiers.
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In addition to skiing, the area is also suitable for other activities, such as hiking or climbing in the fir forest of Parnassos, mountain biking on mountain forest roads and climbing or abseiling on steep rocks.